Sometimes you use something a thousand times and still do not understand what they are capable of and It is not distinct from Fanpage Karma. We also have some fantastic characteristics which may be unfamiliar to a lot of you.

We provide 9″hidden” attributes you need to try.

1. Immediate Alert

On Your Dashboard overview click “More” and trigger the Instant Alert.

Just keep a close watch on your competitors and wish to learn about what they print on Facebook? Our Immediate Alert is precisely what you want! Simply activate it for a Facebook webpage and we’ll send you an email when it releases a new article.

2. Accumulated view for charts

Easier evaluation with gathered data points

With our gathered view it is easier to find the maturation of pages and also to compare them.

3. Graph to Picture export

Export charts as image with one click

With only one click you can export and download your chart and put it to use on your own presentations, reports, blog articles, infographics or postcards.

4. Google Chrome Extension

the Main KPIs in a glance.

Those of you, who use Google Chrome to browse the internet, are in for a real deal: Our free Chrome Extension, that shows one of the main KPIs of a Facebook page right in your browser.

5. Account Administration

If you are a paying client, this is the area where you can handle all of your information. Just click on the link over here to modify your personal information, add users or view your invoices.

6. The Exotic Task Graph

Where would be your lovers busy also?

You would like to understand which pages your buffs are busy also? Our Exotic Task Graph shows you exactly what your supporters are also curious about. You find it under”Influencers” within our single page investigation. A comprehensive explanation is available here.

7. The Great Luck Fairy for your own promotions

Describe the winners of your Facebook promotions with only one click.

As of August this past year, Facebook enables news feed promotions. To make it simpler for you to attract a winner, then we construct our Good Luck Fairy. Page administrators merely need to put in the URL of this article and click on the button. The Great Luck Fairy deals with the rest and brings a profile out of all that enjoyed, commented, enjoyed & commented and the one which gets the most enjoyed remark. Also there is an Excel export so it is possible to examine everything yourself if you prefer. You Discover the Great Luck Fairy her.

8. User posts Evaluation by Daytime

Examine User posts by Time

Can you use Facebook as an agency station and are articles by enthusiasts a significant part of your job? Then you ought to be aware of if your fans post on your wall. That is exactly what the day analysis for user posts demonstrates you. You find it under”Fan Posts” from the single page investigation.

9. Grant Insights Permission for more attributes

Grant insights consent on your dashboard

If you are analyzing pages of that you are the admin, then you are able to grant Fanpage Karma accessibility for your Insights. Just click “More” on your dashboard review and then on”Grant Details consent”. Which permits you to make a monthly report and unlocks added KPIs (e.g. Clicks on articles or Attain ). It also provides us the option to reveal to you the number of fans for the past so you are able to analyze the growth of your webpage until back into its”birthday”.

These attributes make working with Fanpage Karma simpler. Even for seasoned users, there must be something new that they could attempt.


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