The Penny Hoarder is a personal finance site that provides articles, guides, hints, and information that helps you make and save cash. The website essentially provides information about the most recent job opportunities, both online and offline which you could apply for to make more cash. The beauty of this website is they also give an opportunity for you to generate income by getting one of the subscribers. You simply have to compose a persuasive article about the subjects that the website talks about and adhere to the editorial guidelines they’ve. If the article is approved and published, the website will cover you. From what I have seen up to now, I will say the Penny Hoarder is a valid site. The website is more of an information source site than an authentic money-making site. They just have one chance to earn money, and that’s to be a contributor. The website does cover, but only if the article you publish has approved and printed. I will be discussing that in more detail, as we advance further with this particular review.

Who’s The Penny Hoarder Made For?

The Penny Hoarder is really designed for two kinds of people, with one being people like you that are searching for information to earn additional cash. The other sort is companies and organizations from the private finance sector that are trying to market their offerings on the site. The Penny Hoarder supplies them with a chance to interact with countless subscribers that the website has. The website boasts 13 million subscribers per month and two million email readers, which organizations can get when they put an advertisement on the website. For people like you, The Penny Hoarder supplies you with a great deal of articles, hints, and guides which may help you save and make money. In another section, I will be talking in more detail about the sort of article the website is looking for and also the guidelines they have.

How Can You Make Money with The Penny Hoarder?

You’re able to see articles about clever cash, about parenting, health, food prices, and so forth. They have a tab about earning money, but that also will center on hints, guides, and lists. It largely mentions the various jobs, professions, or unwanted incomes it is possible to test out. The website does provide 1 chance for you to potentially earn money with them and that’s by becoming a contributor. The website is always on the lookout for people to donate fresh articles for visitors to upload on the website and they’re ready to pay for this. The Penny Hoarder will pay each article they take and upload. This isn’t like some job at which the website will employ you and you’ll have to write frequently for them. It’s possible to write whenever you need and publish whenever you desire. But you need to take notice that simply because you pitched an idea and created an entry, the website will automatically cover you. They’ve a set of guidelines and guidelines you have to follow to receive your work accepted. The article has to be at least 700 to 900 words and first. It follows that the subject is something they’ve to write about. It should also stick to the tone of their articles on the website. If your pitch becomes approved, an editor on the website will contact you and negotiate for the payment. Although the website didn’t disclose how much they generally cover, people who tried it said the website pays nicely. The Penny Hoarder will just pay you if they state in writing that they would like to proceed forward along with your pitch and they agree to pay a specific rate for this or join the article to your site. With no specifics of writing, you won’t get paid whatever even when you made an entry. For this reason, you have to find an agreement from the website to begin with to go through with your idea before you write about it. You simply have to supply your entire name, email address, the potential headline of the subject and a brief description of this thought. You also will need to offer a brief description of your self and 3 links to your previous digital books. If they enjoy your pitch, then an editor may contact you to discuss it further. The articles will only be printed under your name, as The Penny Hoarder does not usually allow pseudonyms. You are able to inform the editor beforehand when there is a legitimate reason for the work to be printed anonymously.

What I Liked concerning The Penny Hoarder

  • The very first thing I enjoyed about The Penny Hoarder is they provide a lot of great articles and information about cash management and earning money. Just take some opportunity to tour the site and you’ll understand a good deal of informative and helpful articles
  • The next thing that I enjoyed about The Penny Hoarder is they do provide a chance to generate money on the website. They supply an opportunity for you to be a contributor to the website in order to bring in money. You simply have to create a pitch for a subject and if they enjoy it an editor will contact you to talk about it in more detail, in addition to the payment for this.

Everything I Do Not Like About The Penny Hoarder

  • the very first thing I did not enjoy about The Penny Hoarder is that you cannot really require the site to make consistent earnings. Considering submitting a pitch will not ensure earnings, you can not actually require the website in order to offer you regular and consistent earnings. You may be lucky and also the website accepts a few of your pitches at a month, but you might also be unfortunate and not one of them is accepted.
  • Another matter which I did not like is the Penny Hoarder website mentioned that in case a submitted pitch is turned down but you still find an article with the exact same subject come out a couple of days after, it’s only purely coincidental. The website states that your submitted subject might well be in the pipeline of subjects that someone else is writing about so it is not an original thought. I really don’t like this 1 bit since there’s no way for one to know whether the subject you will pitch is being worked on, which means that your pitch ends up as a waste of the time.

Can I Recommend The Penny Hoarder?

I suggest this website as something you could see once in a while to expand your understanding of money management and private finance. As a chance to generate money, however, I actually don’t really see this as a feasible option, particularly if you’re searching for a more consistent earning chance. Yes, the website can teach you a good deal about making money, however, the chance they provide to create money isn’t something that I believe worthwhile.


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