In the current day in age, a lot of people wonder just how much is 6 amounts and is it a whole lot? A 6-figure income is fundamentally the fantasy, the very definition of success, as some might put it. Obviously, times have changed a bit and people now target for a 7 to 8 revenue figure. But let us get a small real and begin from the bottom up. Let us take a peek at exactly what it means to have a 6-figure income and what tasks will get you. Just how Much Is 6 Statistics?

Before we get to how it is possible to make your fantasy sum, let us take a little time to understand just how much is 6 figures. A 6 figure income is just one with 6 digits. That is essentially anything over $100,000 so in case you are earning that far, congratulations. You’ve got a 6 figure income. If you figure out how to cross $999,999, then voila! At this point, you have a 7 figure income.

In 2016, the median salary in the US was roughly $30,533.31, and 9.08percent of the populace needed a 6 figure income which has been above $100,000 or $200,000. The highest percentage of those six-figure earners can be found at San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Washington, Arlington, Alexandria, Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Raleigh, Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford, Baltimore, Columbia, Towson, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington.

There are loads of jobs that may get you inside the figure income array. Though some of these can ask that you make a critical investment in your education, other tasks do not require a college diploma. Let us take a look at each: Leading Six-Figure Jobs That Require a College Degree:


An actuary is an expert in risk management. They rely on fiscal theory, math, and data to perform an evaluation of data and analysis of fiscal risks. Actuaries are discovered in banking, health care, pensions, insurance, investment in addition to non-financial places. They make an average of $100,610 each year.


We might not enjoy these, but dentistry is a fairly familiar job which also overlooks the big bucks. They are constantly in significant demand and the job is very likely to find a rise of 17% until 2026. They make an average of $159,770 each year.

Financial Manager

There is a good deal of money in the fund, and getting a financial supervisor is unquestionably a career path you’ll be able to think about. Fiscal managers care for the long-term fiscal health of the company. They create plans, execute investment activities, and create financial reports. Their average salary is $121,750 Each Year


Anesthesiologists are medical experts who administer general and local anesthesia through a medical procedure. They also track the very important signs of a patient and supply post-anesthesia care. Being an anesthesiologist isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. You want to have qualities such as paying attention to detail, handling stress well, being reliable, and ready to make the effort. Their average salary is 276,751 each year.


Gynecologists are medical professionals offering treatment and counseling concerning the reproductive health of females. Obstetricians, on the other hand, focus more on pregnancy and childbirth. They also care for women during the postpartum period. While slightly inconsistent and feverish, being a gynecologist/obstetrician can cover well, and also you are able to make an average salary of 230,186 each year.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum technology is also a well-paying profession. These people work for oil companies and are responsible for designing approaches that may be utilized to extract oil and gas in the Earth. They make an average salary of $128,230 annually and the job is Very Likely to see a rise of 15% until 2026,

Other jobs that cover a six-figure amount include internists, advanced practice registered nurses, and app or software programmers.


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